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Better Together

Our marketing solutions are simple, so you can stay focused on the work you LOVE.Imagine a team of creatives that partner with you . We help you refine your story and get it OUT into the world.

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  • Small Group Coaching

  • Project Partnerships

Our Difference

Connect to the Heart Marketing

For us, marketing is storytelling.

Great stories are not dictated. They are co-created.We don't just tell you what to do, we roll up our sleeves and help you get it done! Great stories are not dictated. They are co-created.

  • Brand Stories

  • Video Stories

  • Web Stories

  • HEART Stories

A Simple Way to Grow

More Joy, More Growth

We believe marketing your business should be fun, light, & joyful.
Forget about fumbling over funnels and combing through complex formulas. Our story approach is simple and helps you connect in a way that builds trust with your people.

  • Meaningful Metrics

  • Milestoned Results

  • Human Connection & Support

Our Work

Branding. Videos. Marketing.

Signature Workshop

Communicate with Confidence

Our 2-day brand story Bootcamp helps to clarify your story both visually and via the written word.

  • Signature copy that connects

  • Visual Assets that communicate your story

  • Identify your Brand's DNA + Audience Connection

  • Quality Outsource Resources


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Signature Workshop

30 Days of Content in 1 day

This Crave Content Camp will teach you how to batch create content quickly from concept to completion.

  • 30 Days of content planned in 1 day

  • 1 week of content completed together

  • A rinse & repeat system to use anytime

  • Quality resources to assemble a team to do it for you


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Signature Workshop

7 Days to Launch & Learn

In this 7-day launch lab, we'll show you how to launch rapidly so you can experience growth and data-driven insights early on.

  • Launch a micro product offer that's easy to test

  • Learn a simple strategy that gets the word out

  • Track & measure meaningful metrics to help you refine

  • Get quality resources to help you assemble a team to help


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Micro Workshop

Level Up Your Video

Look like the Pro you are. Learn simple ways to leverage high-quality video in your business.

  • Lighting and Background Setup

  • Audio and Video Essentials

  • Be Comfortable on camera

  • DIY and 'Hire Out' Resources


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Micro Workshop

Your Landing Page Done in a Day

Connect with our creative team + community to get get your site up in less than a day. Create a repeatable system to make launching new offers simple.

  • Beautiful & Functional new-tech solution

  • Connect to the heart best practices

  • Simple no-hassle upkeep & maintenance

  • Additonal After Workshop Support


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Micro Workshop

Build a product your people crave

Learn 5 simple ways to build a product to serve your audience. Connect with our creative team to help get your prototype done.

  • Beautiful, Functional, Scalable Solutions

  • Both Physical and Digital Product Options Available

  • DIY and 'Hire Out' Resources

  • Additional After Workshop Support


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Our founders

Heart Centered Leadership

Enrika Greathouse

Enrika Greathouse's experience as a community advocate and User Experience designer allows her to create solutions that focus on empathy, co-creation, and sustainable results.

Joshua Noonan

Joshua Noonan's experience as Director, Cinematographer and Ad Manager allows him to offer expert insights to entrepreneurs ready to uplevel their video & ads stories within their business.

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